Saturday Dialysis Day

For today, Saturday, July 11, 2020, dialysis came and went like clockwork.  We had a couple of bumps in the road today, but dialysis worked for the most part.  Out 3.2 kg of fluid being taken 3.14 kg of fluid out of me.  When the machine alarmed one time, it took a technician to restart the device again to dialyze me after five minutes.  Unacceptable!  I talked to LV, the nurse, about it.  I witnessed technicians around one patient when one of them could have come over to my machine to restart.  LV, the nurse agreed with me that waiting five minutes is not acceptable, and it will not happen again.  Technicians should pay attention to their patients in their pod.  I was not a happy patient.  The five minutes cost my fluid outtake, which was turned out to be .06 kg short.  Lisa said she would make that point clear to the technicians at a meeting.

I do have to admit that I am glad to have my weekend now. I don’t have treatment again until Tuesday. Now that summer is here and the weather will get hot, keeping my fluid intake at thirty-four ounces a day will be a little difficult. Anything over thirty-four ounces will be fluid intension in my body.

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