Two Weeks of Dialysis Treatment and Thoughts

I have not updated my life on dialysis for the past two weeks.  Please forgive me for not keeping up.  I came up with an idea to make this dialysis update the one that covers the days I missed.  The past two weeks of dialysis went smoothly, and I got out of the clinic by 1 PM each day.  Today, I got out by 12:30 PM.  My catheter has been holding up nicely at eleven months old.  I find this fantastic because catheters wear out eventually.  Clinics are beginning to reopen from the Coronavirus pandemic, so when time is set for me to have a mapping done for a fistula or graft, that appointment will be made.  The team that works with me depends on who is in all three pods.  All the techs and nurses are very good at what they do.  The clinic has traveling techs (3), and the rest of the techs and nurses are permanent.  Although we shouldn’t have favorites, I do have my favorites.  I still have a fear of strangers until I get to know them as they come and go.  CC, K, and A, from other states, love to continue their traveling and not stay in one spot too long like To, Tr, and T, and R for a year before leaving.  I do not know if T will be back even though I have heard she does want to return after the threat of the Coronavirus has cooled down.  The virus has yet to calm down in Rock County.  I am still playing it safe even though I get looks from neighbors.  Dialysis patients are having their temperatures checked before entering the clinic, and are to wear masks out in public until further notice.

The week before, my two-week hiatus of keeping up with my life on dialysis, I did have a week of dialysis that didn’t go smoothly.  Cathflo had to be used because my catheter was NOT working correctly.  During that week, I could tell that dialysis didn’t help me.  The center has days where patients have issues with their treatment.  Although dialysis treatment is best when using a fistula or graft, some patients like me, use a catheter for treatment.  Fistulas and grafts are, sometimes, tricky, whereas the catheter can be more tricky.  I am grateful that my catheter is working smoothly at this time, even with an occasional hiccup or two from time to time.  The past two weeks have proven to be excellent dialysis days also though my blood pressure was low three different times during the past two weeks.  What the techs and nurses do, when blood pressures read low, they put the machine on the minimum that allows your blood pressure to come back up as my blood continues to get cleaned of toxins, and the taking of fluid is at a standstill.

Today was a good, excellent dialysis day.  What happened afterward is something I have to mention in my diary.  I am glad that tomorrow is Sunday, and DKF is not here until Monday morning.  I need a break from people.  I am taking advantage of my day once Sunday arrives.