A Better Day

I will be frank and sincere about today, but first, this week at the dialysis center has been very crazy because half of the dialyzers are down.  Today was one of those days where the clinic had five people at a time dialyzing.  I was in chair #12 today.  Another patient was in chair #3, chair #1, chair #4, and chair #10.  Time on the dialyzer was shortened to 2 1/2 hours so that all of the patients could come in respectfully at different times of the day until closing for the weekend.  I was in at 7:45 AM – 10:30 AM.  They didn’t want me in until. 11:45 AM, but that time doesn’t work well with my schedule.

Even though the dialysis center had a crazy week, my time at the center cannot be changed with twenty-four notice because my worker DKF has other clients to work with throughout the week, and most of the time, my schedule cannot be changed. I understand that things happen for a reason, but sometimes as a team, we have to work with how plans go for others.  My schedule is set in stone as far as my personals cares are concerned.

I hope that the unusable machines get fixed soon so that the dialysis center can get back to a regular schedule, and all the patients can get back to their regular schedule/time.  It is serving, it causes great anxiety for me, that my schedule gets thrown off.