A Bad Week at Dialysis

Dialysis didn’t go well today.  I ended up being taken off at 12:30 PM.  A little after 1 PM, I went up to the hospital to have a procedure done to replace the catheter.  I get to the outpatient surgical area, get prepped, and in the operating room.  A doctor, forgot his name, looked at the catheter from top to bottom, the way it flushes and returns, and found nothing wrong with it.  He saw that it was working fine, and I didn’t have to have it removed/replaced.  I was free to go and go home.

I feel that I have wasted a doctor’s time, my insurance on getting an IV in my arm, medicine that was being used for prepping me.  The way my day was handled at the dialysis center today didn’t make me very happy.  The nurses and techs we’re all over the place while I was the only patient in my pod because 3 of the machines were down.  My machine kept beeping, and it took a tech a long time to come.  I was not very happy.   Going to the hospital may have been a good idea, and have my catheter checked or replaced if needed, but it was a waste of gas and money as far as my insurance was concerned.  I didn’t get home until 5 PM to rest for the night.

Because of the nurses and the techs being all over the place, my mind was going in every direction but down.  I was not happy how things were going today.  I have something to do tomorrow.  I know that L (female) will be in and I can talk to her.