Update On Dialysis March 22, 2020

Dialysis has been going smoothly. A lot of things are changing at the clinic because of the outbreak of the Coronavirus. No one is allowed in the clinic until they are screened for temperatures before going into the clinic, and friends/family members cannot go into the clinic to sit and wait for anyone at this time. The clinic is not taking this Coronavirus lightly, and I haven’t since it became a significant concern after someone brought it back from China.

When I say that dialysis has been going smoothly, it means that my catheter is still working well after eight months at the end of March, on the 28th. All appointments have been canceled until further notice because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Only necessary, significant surgeries are to be done at this time. That makes my mapping for a graft not necessary at this time—something that can be held off for now. I have to give this praise to God because He is in control of my life, and He knows what I am most afraid of right now. I am easily readable.

The weekend is here, and I do not have to return to the clinic until Tuesday.

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