Dialysis Is Going Smoothly

Okay, we had a little rough patch in the first forty-five minutes or so, but it was smooth sailing after that. Being tethered to a machine between 9 AM – 9:15 AM, I was out of there by 12:20 PM to wait for DFK to pick me up to take me to my nail appointment. Yes, today, I had my nails done for February. Yes, I treat myself every month by getting my nails done each month. I got home a few minutes before 3 PM.

I saw Dr. A about my monthly results, and the only thing he was concerned about was my phosphorus level is a little high. Okay, I need to work on that by taking my phosphorus blockers every time I eat and take them with me when I go out to eat. I did tell him the truth that I sometimes forget even though the medicine is right there next to me. Forgetting once in a while is okay. It happens. I do not forget on purpose.