A Perfect Day

Today was a perfect dialysis day. My machine did not beep at all while other machines beeped around me for some reason or another. My catheter did not have any issues today. DKF did not work for me today, so my ride from Richwood picked me up at 8:30 AM. I got there between 8:45 – 8:50 AM, and my technician T (female) got me at 8:55 AM, and I got hooked up to my dialyzer by 9:05 AM. It was a wow moment that ended up turning into a wow three hours and fifteen minutes, and I was out of the clinic at 12:30 PM today. Dialysis went well today. I got home a little before 1 PM, got my lunch warmed up, and watched 3ABN’s sermon, and ate my lunch, and waited for my boyfriend and his mom to call telling me they were on their way to have Bible study with me.