Dialysis Day Was Excellent

I am going to say that it was awesome being at dialysis today. With having three weekends in a row of bad weather and not getting to dialysis on those Saturdays was getting me a little emotional. I am one of those patients that makes it to all her appointments unless certain things come up, and are not in my control. I dislike missing dialysis. Today made me very happy.

I do have to admit that my catheter was being positional, but not by much today. T (female) is on vacation right now, so R (male) was in my pod, taking care of four of us. He hooked me up before 9:15 AM, the machine beeped a few beeps before repositioning myself, watching the GSN channel, and was unhooked by 12:30 PM. Once dialysis was over, leaving the clinic, my dialysis weekend begins. It was an excellent dialysis day.