Got Through Dialysis

The catheter was not the problem today. I was the problem. The catheter decided to allow the machine to beep because of my neck not allowing it from working correctly. It happened for an hour, and by 11 AM, the device was calm. My blood pressure part of dialysis is taken every thirty minutes because during dialysis BP can go low. That has happened to me many times. When my blood pressure is low, I get dizzy and cramp. Boy, those cramps can be painful. Cramping or dizziness did not happen today, though. T (female) technician who has been taking care of me for several months now, knows her job well. I love her to pieces even though her tone of voice frightened me today when she told me not to move my neck down a few times. When I am dealing with hormonal changes in my own body, particular tones of voices seem harsher when my hormones are not raging. I got through dialysis and was out of there by 1 PM. DKF just messaged me when I was about to leave the dialysis room of 12 dialyzer machines to get my goal weight of the day. I am at 88.3, which is two-tenths below my goal weight. I do have to admit that today was one of those days that seemed longer than usual. I wanted to go home to hide and cry because my body was not being cooperative today. After Tuesday afternoon, when I got home from dialysis treatment, my body was fighting to stand up and stay standing until I finally went to bed for the night to work on my Dear Diary site.