Update 1/28/2020

Life on dialysis is going smoothly. Today was a pretty smooth day. On Tuesdays, except if there is a fifth Tuesday of the month, the two nephrology doctors, Dr. A and Dr. S (female), come to see their patients and go through anything necessary or to update on how everything is going during dialysis. My catheter, five months out since I got it replaced, has been doing great. Dr. A, my nephrologist, updated on how things were going for me and asked me if I had any questions or concerns. With me being truthful, I had missed three Saturday dialysis treatments because of the weather, and he did not get upset at all. The weather has been awful the past three weekends in a row. I don’t particularly appreciate missing dialysis, but sometimes certain conditions are unavoidable. That is one thing I’m not too fond of the winter weather even though I love the snow falling from the sky, making the ground pretty with its whiteness. Icy roads, parking lots, and sidewalks are not my thing. I am slipping away from my real reason for this entry. I am going back to where I need to be now.

Dr. A talked to me about how my labs were going, and what I need to do as of January 31, 2010. I can stop taking Warfarin. Yahoo! I have been taking Warfarin for six months because when I had my graft placed in my right arm, it clotted, and the doctor wanted me to take a blood thinner for a while. I am glad I have three more days of that drug. Remembering to take 4mg on dialysis days and 5mg on non-dialysis days can be monotonous. Yahoo!