I do have to admit that today I felt I was being attacked by certain people wanting to talk to me about what I do. Yes, the social worker spoke to me today before other patients were hooked up to the machines. No, I was not attacked, but I felt like I was. I do not like people pointing out my faulty ways in life, but the truth does need to come out from time to time. Yes, I wanted to shut down and not listen to what the social worker was saying, but I did listen. Sometimes I get anxious and need my answers right now. It happened this weekend when I could not make it to dialysis because of weather conditions were not the best to be out it. It is winter in Wisconsin right now.

Every Tuesday I see my nephrologist at the clinic. Today I learned that my labs are doing great in all the places they want me to be great in. The doctor does not worry about my creatinine anymore because I am doing dialysis three times a week, but I still want to know. This month my creatinine is at 8.0 and my GFR is 5. Yes, my transplanted kidney is failing slowly. That is why I am doing dialysis three times a week now at 3 hours and 15 minutes a sitting.

The nurse LV (female) thought that my catheter may need to be replaced, but Dr. A told her that at this time it does not need to be replaced. He does not look at the numbers LV was looking at for many good reasons. I have had this catheter for four months and twelve days (or so). My catheter was replaced on August 28, 2019, after the first one failed to do its job after one month. I also believe God is behind all of this as well.

Dialysis did go smoothly today.