Dialysis Didn’t Happen Today

Dialysis did not happen today. My ride that was scheduled by MTM texted me to tell me that they were running late because of the roads being very icy and that they were stuck where they were for a while. No other ride was available with the company that was to help me get to and from the dialysis center. The idea of not being able to get where I needed to go did not upset me because I was not going to allow others to risk their lives in any situation that can cause an accident. The weather today was predicted by the weather people in our area, and it was going to get worse. Winter has arrived in Wisconsin in January 2020.


  1. wrenchman366 says:

    Oh no that is bad news but like you said better than someone getting into an accident, will you now go tomorrow? Will you be ok by skipping a day ?

    • ksmiley says:

      I do not miss dialysis unless something goes wrong at the clinic or a ride is unavailable like Saturday. I am very good about getting to dialysis and when Mother Nature is the problem this time of year in Wisconsin (United States), God is control of my life. The dialysis center is not open on Sundays except one week out of the year (Christmas week), and I learned that a chair may not be open Monday. I just have to watch my fluid intake until Tuesday morning, sodium, and if I do not feel right in the meantime between Saturday – Tuesday morning, I am supposed to go to the hospital to get checked out.

    • ksmiley says:

      Also, patients who have two days a week of dialysis is good, and patients who have dialysis three times a week is better. My dialysis has been doing well, and my blood is getting cleaned during the three times a week treatment. The clinic can not force a patient to come or stay. I know some patients there now after nine months who come at their scheduled time with no reluctance, and others come brooding in as if it is a pain to come in. I know a patient who complains about having his feet up, but when blood pressure is low, feet have to be up. This patient also has to run to the bathroom all the time and does not always allow the clinic techs and nurses to finish his treatment. Outside of dialysis, this patient has other ailments going on, and he does not feel good. Being in close quarters in the pod I am in, I hear what the nurses and techs are talking about with patients and part of this patient’s problem is fluid removal and him not following doctor’s orders. Hearing this patient’s complaints of dialysis not working well for him is more on him than the clinic, and I do not feel for him. He has gotten me annoyed at him.

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