Life With Dialysis

Life at the dialysis center was chaotic at the beginning. I got to the clinic on time, but the techs taking care of me were not on time today. I did not get to my chair until 9:30 AM, didn’t get hooked up until 9:45 AM. T (female) ended up leaving and going to an appointment, so I ended up getting R (male) who seemed to be slow in the first pod this morning. I still got done before 1 PM and my ride just got there when I walked out to the lobby. It was one of those days today, and I hope Saturday is a little better.

Dialysis did go well today. I had to be positioned in my chair to allow dialysis to do what was necessary. Having a catheter instead of access (fistula or graft) can be a little tricky. Catheters work well, but sometimes the patient needs to be positioned differently in their chair for them to work properly. Nurses and techs have ways to find out if a catheter is problematic or it is the patient. To decipher what is the proper diagnosis there are procedures they follow and get a hold of the doctor when it is necessary. The clinic even calls for medical help from the hospital if a patient needs to be checked at the hospital because they have become ill or need to stop dialysis at the moment.

Dialysis is very important. The clinic takes time to dialysis a patient when it is necessary three times a week at the desired hour of the doctor according to the amount of fluid the patient has in their body. Every patient has different hour settings. I was at 3 1/2 hours when I first began, but now I am at three hours and fifteen minutes. Some patients are 4 hours.