Dialysis Day

Here I am. I have time to write in my diary before my IRIS worker DKF gets here at 7:30 AM or so to help me get ready for the day, take me to dialysis, and then I get a ride home from a company I am familiar with after dialysis is over for the weekend. My weekend, for dialysis, begins the minute dialysis is over Saturday afternoon to Tuesday morning. I do have to admit that dialysis did not go very smoothly last Saturday and I ended up staying a little later. It was not a smooth day, but dialysis did get done. I ended up getting a ride from my boyfriend and his Mom. DKF and her husband SF had plans after 1:30 PM. Today, they have plans after DKF drops me off at dialysis this morning. Thursday, with a little hiccup with positioning, dialysis did run smoothly and I was out and ready to go by 1 PM. Today is going to go smoothly as well.