Dialysis Update For Christmas

Dialysis will get back on track on Thursday.  I had dialysis today, Monday, December 23, because Monday patients had dialysis yesterday, Sunday, December 22, while Wednesday patients have their dialysis tomorrow, Tuesday, December 24.  I was a little fearful of dialysis a little bit because of what happened Saturday.  Well, dialysis did go well.  No alarms except for two to three, and I was able to watch the GSN channel and an hour of ID.

I am looking forward to my weekend that begins after I leave the dialysis center until Thursday morning.  I am also glad that dialysis will resume Thursday morning.  New Year’s Day will also continue as normal. The center is only closed on Christmas Day, and all the patients ought to revamp their schedules that week to get three days’ worth of dialysis in.   Some patients may have to work around necessary appointments for other health reasons, and the workers at the center will work with the patient the best they can.  Now, I did not mind coming in today, Monday, December 23, but I had to get a different ride home because of my IRIS worker DKF having another client at 1 PM, because of the holiday.