Not A Smooth Day

 I wish I could say that dialysis was a success today. It was not a good day. I dialyzed, but not to the point where they were able to take 1.6 kilos of fluid out of my body. The machine kept beeping because of positional issues and having to be taken off for 45 minutes for Cath Flo to work its magic. I had gotten upset, anxious, and panicky, and that did not help dialysis go smoothly. It was a rough day.

 While the nurses, technicians, and weekly visits with doctor/patient chats do what is necessary for the patients before, during, and after dialysis, there is one person above them who checks the charts of all the patients periodically. Why? Dialysis is supposed to help the patient get rid of the fluid, and toxins, and the worker who checks the charts makes sure that each ]patient has a good run. Sometimes a patient may not have a good series, so the patient must stay for the entire treatment in the period given. There is one patient who does not feel that well most of the time. Today, the nurse in charge of the charts of patients told this patient that he/she needs to stay for the entire treatment because in his/her recent charting showed that the treatments showed that it was not in a reasonable range. This patient needed to allow dialysis to complete because he/she will get sick. I do like this patient, but I don’t particularly appreciate how he/she complains all the time.

 With the holidays coming up in four to five days, depending on how you look at it, I will be going to dialysis again Monday morning instead of Tuesday, December 24. The center is open on Sunday for the Monday patients while Tuesday patients have dialysis on Monday while Wednesday, December 25, patients dialyze on Tuesday. Christmas Day is the only holiday the clinic is not open for the patients.