Dialysis Update 12/7/19

Dialysis went well today.  No alarms were going off because of position or problems with the catheter.  I was able to watch the Game Show Network through treatment, and there are two new games I love to watch, and that is America Says and Common Knowledge.  I believe those two games are good games for review and learning, and it does take some thinking power.  I wish I had GSN on my list of channels at home, but I do not.  Anyway, to get back to dialysis, I was taken good care of by one of my favorite technicians T (female).  She was going to get off at noon today, but she stayed a little longer (in her pod) to help out.  Bless her heart.

 I have come across a word in the Bible.  That word is beneficence.  When it comes to my dialysis treatments three times a week, beneficence is the right word for the techs and nurses, plus the doctor(s) in my care is all about.  We do not want to confuse it with another phrase, nonmaleficence, which states that one should not harm patients. (Google).  Although from looking at a site about the word beneficence, I feel that the technicians who hook/unhook me from the dialysis machine every session, and the doctor(s) who visit once a week right at the clinic take such good care of the patients.  I do not think that this one word should go to the nurses out in the world today.  I believe that nurses are one good example of good people.

 Something did happen today at dialysis, and I feel I have learned something useful.  Although I am good at telling the technicians that I am feeling dizzy, today was one of those days I thought I could wait it out, but it did not happen.   I called out to T that I was feeling dizzy, and she ran over to stop the machine from taking any more fluid out of my body and allow my blood to continue to clean only.  I did not quite make it to 3.2 — almost though.  I heard that when a woman has her period, and it affects every woman differently, dizziness can happen during dialysis.  Also, although I had known this ever since I began dialysis when dizziness T just reminded me not to wait it out because it can be dangerous for the patient. My dizzy spell made me feel like I was going to float right on out of the building.  I was reminded of a dizzy spell that I had when I first started dialysis.  DKF was with me, and we were chatting, and all of a sudden, I got real quiet, white, and I told DKF I was dizzy.  The nurse P (male) came running over with some saline solution, put me in a reclining position to ride out the dizzy spell.  Within minutes, I was back to my old self.  The dizzy spell I had today was beginning to feel like the one I had experienced with P the nurse.  So I beg anyone on dialysis NEVER WAIT OUT A DIZZY SPELL.


  1. wrenchman366 says:

    Glad to hear Dialysis is going well sounds like a full time job just to keep track of everything but you are handling things well good luck and keep,up the good work

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