Dialysis Update

Life in the dialysis department has been going very well lately.  I have been able to find a comfortable sitting position that relieves the neck, back, and bottom from getting sore.  It is in recline mode as if I am laying in my bed at night.  Dialysis has been able to get done with less alarm issuing the techs that dialysis has stopped temporarily, the machine has an issue with my catheter lines, or the medication in the machine is done.  I have God to thank as well for allowing nurses, technicians, and doctors to find a common element in all the patients’ needs who are there as well as me.   I  will have to wait until Thursday to speak to someone about wanting to take 3.5 kilos of fluid out of me when the past two to three weeks, I cannot get past 3.2 very well without feeling light-headed and cramping.  Cramping and feeling like I am about to float happened at 3.15 today.  UGH