Dialysis Update 11-7-19

Dialysis went well today.  In fact, the only time the machine went off was because the blood pressure cuff needed to be adjusted from time to time.  It was a nice change.  My blood is cleaning nicely and effectively.  T (female) is not working in the pod this week until Saturday so I have been dealing with other talented technicians hooking me up to the machine and after dialysis is over, unhooking me from the machine.  I have been sitting in chair number 4 for a long time now.  There has been a rare occasion that I sit in other chairs, but I have been sitting in chair 4 pretty much since I began dialysis.  I do have to admit, now that the weather is getting colder because winter is on its way in Wisconsin, my corner today has been a little cold.  My face got cold an hour or so before I was done for the day.  I definitely felt the cold today.