Dialysis Update on Saturday

Life on Dialysis

Dialysis went well today.  I sat in seat 2 instead of seat 4.  I was surprised at first because I went to seat 4 or started to when my tech T (female) stopped me and showed me the chair I was sitting in which was seat 2.  I forgot what she said on Thursday that she was going to put me in a different chair in the pod she worked in.  OOPS, LOL…  I am not sure if I will have the chair again next week.  We will have to wait and see.

The only concern was my blood pressure.  The machine was reading my BP as 185/100 or 175/105.  This was going on through most of my treatment except for the last half hour or so.  One of the other technicians C (female) decided to take my BP manual and it read 130/54.  She decided to use a different cuff on me, and the machine read my BP 145/83.  The cuff they were using on me was the problem.  I am glad that the BP was lower than it was reading as well as relieved that the technicians and nurse in my care did not stop finding out what was going on.  I was even asked by the nurse if I took any blood pressure medication this morning and I told him that I did not.  I also told him that I will check my blood pressure when I get home and take medication if the machine read it higher than 150/90.  The nurse nodded and left the pod to check on other patients in the other two pods outside the pod I was in.  There are 3 pods/12 machines.  By the time I left my BP was reading below 15/90.  If the machine reads over 150/90 or under 100/80 it beeps to warn the techs and nurses that the cuff may be to be changed or adjusted and be checked again.  I was able to leave relieved that my BP was fine.

Now, on Tuesday I need to talk to Dr. A about my dry weight is high for the past two weeks.  Something may have to be changed.  In the meantime, until then I will watch my fluid intake and see if that will help.  Not sure if it will but T agreed.  In the meantime, I will have to wait until Tuesday.