Appointment Day & A Good Dialysis Day

I will, from this day forward, not worry about missing a dialysis day again when the weather is terrible. Dr. A has not been worried at all about me missing one day of dialysis this winter. I told him that I felt awful about missing last Tuesday, February 18, 2020, and he said to me that the weather was indeed bad last week. I told him what one of the technicians said to me, and he told me not to worry about what others say, as I have good judgment, and I am diligent about getting here, and dialysis is going smoothly without any hitches. I will not argue with Dr. A about my diligence and how smoothly dialysis is going. As of February 28, 2020, I would have had the second catheter for seven months.

Since today was what I call appointment day with Dr. A, we talked about the placement of a graft, and what he plans on doing about it, so my blood does clot the graft if the third placement is the charm. He was talking about a low dose of Plavix. I am game for giving it a third try even though my fistula in my left arm quit ten months after placement, and the graft in my right arm clotted in five days. My blood is thick, and I need a blood thinner. I did ask if using Plavix I will need to get my INR checked, and Dr. A said no.

Dialysis did go well today. The machine was quiet most of the time, but it did go off a few times because of excess movement from me. My catheter was not the problem today, and it has not been a problem for the past several months. I was able to get out of the clinic by 1 PM when DKF picked me up to take me home to be with me for about another couple of hours before leaving my place at 3 PM.

Dialysis Went Well

Life at dialysis went well today. The dialyzer did its work without any warnings, so I had quietness in my spot for three hours and fifteen minutes. It was an excellent dialysis day. I am thrilled. While I dialyzed, I watched GSN and ID on TV before coming home between 12:30 PM – 1 PM.

A patient who gets dialyzed in the afternoon has moved to the morning shift since there is an opening after MC passed. It is nice to see J (female). I like her very much. I am glad that the empty chair is filled with life once again. Seeing an empty chair saddens me. MC will be missed, and it’s going to take time not seeing MC come in for a while. Life is moving on.

A Good Dialysis Day

Dialysis went smoothly. It has been quiet in my pod the past few days. Silence is golden when machines are calm, patients in their chairs. The one patient H (male) has been sitting in chair #2 while J (female) has been sitting in chair #3. I was able to sit up without having to recline all the way today. I watched the GSN. On Saturdays, I watch the GSN and then an hour and a half of ID before it is time for me to go. I got home before 1 PM today.

February 20, 2020, Dialysis Day

I did not make it to dialysis on Tuesday because of the weather. I know that dialysis is essential and necessary to remain healthy when life has some curveballs to pitch once in a while. I am not happy when I miss dialysis, but when the weather is terrible, I will not tramp out there and fall, breaking a bone, and being hospitalized for long to recover afterward. I do not like missing dialysis, but when bad weather occurs, no one is going to be out. I have been waiting for spring for the longest time now. This weekend we are going to have some beautiful weather and more snow next week.

I feel I have been reamed a good one about missing dialysis on Tuesday. Yes, I could have gotten sick, but I did not get sick. The technician who has been taking care of me for the longest time told me that if we know that we are expecting bad weather and my ride cannot bring me, then I should find another way that can so I do not miss dialysis. With MTM, they want a forty-eight-hour notice to supply a ride for the patient/appointment. Now, how are we supposed to know how bad it will get in the winter before it hits us? We do not know, and DKF’s discretion on driving on icy/snowy roads is not going to happen to protect herself and her clients who ride with her. I am not happy being told how to get to dialysis. I know the importance of dialysis and why I need it.

With that said, I can say that the machine I was tethered to was quiet all through treatment. It was an excellent dialysis day! I am now glad to be home from dialysis until Saturday.

Dialysis Update for February 15, 2020

The life of Kristi K continues to move forward. It was a perfect day. I got to dialysis a little before 9 AM, got to my chair before 9 AM, and was tethered to the machine by 9:05 AM. I watched GSN and ID while I waited for dialysis to be finished for the day so I can start my dialysis weekend once I was out of the clinic door. As I sat in my chair and watched TV, I was impressed that I did not hear any beeping from the dialyzer today. It made my day perfect. I could not have asked for more on how dialysis went today.

I do have to admit that I heard some bad news while I was at the clinic. Before getting tethered to my dialyzer, the nurse L came in from outside to work, and we chatted. I asked about a couple of patients, as I was worried. I haven’t seen one of the patients since her brother passed away. I was glad to know wherever this patient was, she was having dialysis. Losing a loved one can be difficult. About thirty minutes later, the nurse L came to me to tell me that the patient I was inquiring about earlier had passed away on Thursday. I felt sad for the family. I loved the attitude this patient had about life. Now she is gone. I am glad, although time with her was only a few months before she passed away, to have met such a bubbly, quirky, and amazing woman. Her presence is unforgettable.

No Go Today

Feeling for my IRIS worker’s experience of getting stuck in the ditch on her way to my place from her early morning client’s location, I did not make it to dialysis today. The roads and streets were slick from the snowfall we had during the night, and it was still snowing when DKF left to go to her next client. I just sat around watching an episode and start watching the second episode of Cold Case on ROKU channel, Matlock, then Diagnosis Murder, Magnum PI, People’s Court, Judge Judy, then The Simpsons. I will be going to dialysis on Saturday. A ride has been provided through MTM.

Clearing Things Up A Little

When it comes to dialysis today, from April 24 – May 6, 2019, I have to admit that now dialysis is a part of my life until I can get on the kidney transplant list. I call that dialysis, and when I have an appointment on Tuesdays while at dialysis, on Tuesdays, I see Dr. A., I call that Appointment Day. Today was an appointment day.

Dialysis Is Going Smoothly

Okay, we had a little rough patch in the first forty-five minutes or so, but it was smooth sailing after that. Being tethered to a machine between 9 AM – 9:15 AM, I was out of there by 12:20 PM to wait for DFK to pick me up to take me to my nail appointment. Yes, today, I had my nails done for February. Yes, I treat myself every month by getting my nails done each month. I got home a few minutes before 3 PM.

I saw Dr. A about my monthly results, and the only thing he was concerned about was my phosphorus level is a little high. Okay, I need to work on that by taking my phosphorus blockers every time I eat and take them with me when I go out to eat. I did tell him the truth that I sometimes forget even though the medicine is right there next to me. Forgetting once in a while is okay. It happens. I do not forget on purpose.

A Perfect Day

Today was a perfect dialysis day. My machine did not beep at all while other machines beeped around me for some reason or another. My catheter did not have any issues today. DKF did not work for me today, so my ride from Richwood picked me up at 8:30 AM. I got there between 8:45 – 8:50 AM, and my technician T (female) got me at 8:55 AM, and I got hooked up to my dialyzer by 9:05 AM. It was a wow moment that ended up turning into a wow three hours and fifteen minutes, and I was out of the clinic at 12:30 PM today. Dialysis went well today. I got home a little before 1 PM, got my lunch warmed up, and watched 3ABN’s sermon, and ate my lunch, and waited for my boyfriend and his mom to call telling me they were on their way to have Bible study with me.

Dialysis Day

I do have to admit that it was a rough start. The machine beeped a lot because my catheter area was tense for some reason. My neck was rigid. Sometimes my cerebral palsy reacts to situations I have no control. I was able to get through dialysis, and out the door at 1 PM when DKF picked me up to take me home. Now I have to wait until Saturday, where a ride will be picking me up from a company that MTM has found since DKF will not be working for me this weekend or the weekend of February 15 or Monday, February 17. It is their second wedding anniversary.