Making Mom A Liar Out Of Her

I am an older cat. I have lost weight to the point that I am now seven pounds. My human worries about me because I have been laying around more these days. I do not mean to worry, my human, and I wanted to show her that I am fine. I have made her smile and laugh today and yesterday, and I will continue to do so. I am grateful for the life with my human, and I will continue to wow and give mommy my affection. If I ever get sick, she will know what to do and handle it with care. She called the vet today to provide them with an update sharing her findings over the weekend when Dad KB and Grandma TB weighed me because mom wanted to know. I think her knowing has eased her mind enough. You see, my human suffer from anxiety, panic, and depression, and when she gets in a state of mind that is her emotional low, she does not see things the same way others who do not have anxiety, panic, and depression. It takes her a while to get past the bumps in the road.  I sure do love my human and showed her how I love her back.  I love to see her smile, laugh, and talk to me.  Kudos to my human.  How many kudos would you give her?  Please tell her.  Thank you!