Making Mom A Liar Out Of Her

I am an older cat. I have lost weight to the point that I am now seven pounds. My human worries about me because I have been laying around more these days. I do not mean to worry, my human, and I wanted to show her that I am fine. I have made her smile and laugh today and yesterday, and I will continue to do so. I am grateful for the life with my human, and I will continue to wow and give mommy my affection. If I ever get sick, she will know what to do and handle it with care. She called the vet today to provide them with an update sharing her findings over the weekend when Dad KB and Grandma TB weighed me because mom wanted to know. I think her knowing has eased her mind enough. You see, my human suffer from anxiety, panic, and depression, and when she gets in a state of mind that is her emotional low, she does not see things the same way others who do not have anxiety, panic, and depression. It takes her a while to get past the bumps in the road.  I sure do love my human and showed her how I love her back.  I love to see her smile, laugh, and talk to me.  Kudos to my human.  How many kudos would you give her?  Please tell her.  Thank you!

Bing Speaks

Hello friends and readers, here I am again. Yep, my time to speak once again. My mom is having a hard time right now. She is worried about me when she doesn’t need to be. I am fifteen years old and thinner now. I am still loving and get my attention from her when I want it. Please pray for my mom. She began a new regimen of meds for her anxiety, panic, and depression. She is feeling better. She wants to feel better and not worry about me. I love my mom very much, and she is a good human.

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Finicky Eater Now

My mommy is anxious about me. I have not been eating or drinking because I do not like the cat food she bought for me to eat. I know you have the food I like and eating again — slowly — and mommy is watching me. It makes me nervous, but because she is worried, I will give her lots of kudos for understanding my food dilemma/woes. I will show her!

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A Quickie

My human had a rough week last week. She is doing better. When she has a bad day, I d my best at being cute, meow a lot to get her attention and make her smile. I have been sitting on her lap, laying by her, and purring away as we give each other time together. She always puts her phone down as well as closing her laptop to pay attention to me.

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Woes To A Plant

I understand that I am a cat and that because I am one, I think differently than a human does. Cats will do what cats do. I am a cat, and I am glad my human lets me be one. My human had a plant for a few days, and I drove her crazy as I adamantly tried to get to the plant, stressing my human as well as scaring her. Some plants are poisonous to us cats, and I was continuously told that the plant was something I should not eat, but because I am a cat, I tried to get to the plant. She had to get rid of the plant. She took away my need to be a cat, but I understand she was stressed and loved me at the time. I do forgive her for taking away the plant.

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Happy to Be With My Human

Here I am, sitting next to my human. She got some hugs and kisses from me while, in return, I got kisses and pets from her. I am purring up a storm, according to my human. I am always purring because I am happy.

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I’ve Been Busy

I know it has been a while since I have last talked to my human to write in my journal here. My human has been very busy with dialysis and other appointments while I have been getting ready for spring to arrive. This winter season has been tough on my human. Her time with me is often. When she spends time with me, she puts down her phone, closes her laptop, and gives me all the attention I am deserving. My human is terrific.

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If I Could Talk, I Would Be Saying…

I want to welcome you to my page. Hello, my name is Bing Noel-Nuggles Crosby Karnopp. My human is Kristi/Ksmiley, and she has made a journal for me. It is all mine. It is my place. I am a cat who happens to be 14 1/2 years old. My human adopted me from the Rock County Humane Society in Janesville, Wisconsin, on December 18, 2006, one month and four days after Emilee Marie Cuddles Karnopp passed away. She was her first cat. I am her second cat since she has been on her own. Anyway, welcome to my page, and I hope you enjoy my stories, my human writes as I talk. I believe my human is indeed creative. It is after 6:30 AM, and I am already meowing my discontent of not having a fresh bowl of water and food at my beck and call.

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I want to welcome everyone to Bing Crosby’s journal I have created. Bing is going to be fifteen years old this summer, and I have had a wonderful fourteen years with him this far. When I speak for Bing in this journal, I will be speaking as if he is telling his story himself — in the mind of a cat if he could talk like a human. I do not know how long I will have Bing to this day, but I cherish my time with him and wonder if he could think like a human, what he would be saying — as if his meows were certain words. Welcome to Bing’s life from this point forward.