The Coronavirus Scare

Life has become scary for many people in the past several days. News reports on TV and social media sites have helped install fear in people all across the United States about the newest pandemic disease known as the Coronavirus. Yes, knowing the dangers of the virus among the elderly, the sick, and people like me who have kidney issues and are on dialysis, I am doing everything I can to be safe and comfortable. I have, to this day, been fortunate not to have been infected. In my case, because of my immune system being abnormal due to taking medication, the ability to fight off some infections can take time. No one I have been close to having the Coronavirus at this time.

With the Coronavirus being the latest pandemic disease at this time now in the United States, I live in Wisconsin, where there have been several reported cases. A few in Madison, Wisconsin. No one I know. Sad, because it was someone who passed it on to another. A traveler has gone to a country where the Coronavirus was prevalent and infecting many people. I do feel bad for the people who may have it and do have the Coronavirus. The only thing I do not like about the virus is how news stations and social media handled the pandemic from the start. All the states in the United States have people in a panic by going to the grocery stores and food marts buying items. It has caused me to not being able to find the things I use most often and need. Gone, out, and no longer on the shelves, and stores are out of stock. Sad, and I am worried, and yes, I am a worrier. I am leaving it up to God. He knows what he is doing.

I know and understand that the government officials are worried about the spread of the Coronavirus. They are doing everything humanly possible to keep calm, but I believe the hysteria is worse than it needs to be. With that said, I am not happy how newspeople and social media sites have handled this new situation. Yes, we are humans who make mistakes, and I believe mistakes were made. Now, because of the spread of the Coronavirus, we know what to look for to be safe. The President has ordered everyone to be careful and not be large crowds at this time. Many large groups have canceled because of the risk of the Coronavirus scare. What has been happening is an enormous epidemic. Pray is what we need to do right now.

I rarely leave my apartment these days. I stay home to watch TV, read, be online, snuggle up with my cat, play games on my phone or computer, and I do avoid watching stuff that makes my anxiety rise. In the past couple of weeks, hearing about the Coronavirus, my anxiety has reared its ugliness, and I am doing everything I can to keep calm, focusing on God. He is in control of everything.

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A Spiritual War

I have read the Bible and studied with others at church since 1999, and have found the truth to be profound.  There is a lot of information to understand, gather, and share what I know and go on with my day.  I do not think I am spiritually confused, but I do feel scared right now.  My heart is troubled.  Let me do my best to explain.

My heart is troubled right now. I cannot shake the fear that was put in my heart the past several hours to this moment.  It began last night before I had fallen asleep briefly on the couch while watching Murder, She Wrote.  I had awakened suddenly to the TV still on, and I missed two shows.  At 2 AM, after the show was over, I traipsed to the bedroom, but I could not get back to sleep immediately.  That was when I had found that fear had taken over my whole being.  I cannot explain it very well.  The idea of wanting to be one of God’s children, being one of God’s children, and the idea of Satan getting a hold of me, and I do not get to heaven becoming a permanently lost being, and not seeing my loved ones again.  That is as descriptive as I can get.  That kind of fear is Satan at work on my weaknesses.  The idea of not being one of the saved scares me that much right now.

Does anyone else have this feeling?  The truth is out there, and many other people are going to see the truth and turn to God, and become warriors of the truth.  The idea of me not being one of them is frightening.  Satan knows how to push the buttons to our weakness.  He is happy that he can frighten me.  He has got me going on this rant.  I  am not perfect, and I admit that God is perfection.

When I get this scared, I do not remember to pray or talk to God.  I admit that I am imperfect.  The idea of God knowing me before I was in my mother’s womb is impressive.  He has placed me where I am for a reason.  Grabbing the horns of a bull and hanging on for eight seconds can feel like a lifetime.

Politics Have Become Toxic

Some People Have Gotten Me Started
I have been working on my first blog of the year. I find it hard to talk about politics these days among friends and family members, so I am doing my research and giving my opinions a try. Politics is hard to talk about these days because of what it involves. We are either one of those parties or on the same side. It does not matter because one party or the other is going to fight to belong. I feel, as a woman who does care what happens, that my opinions do not matter because I am a Republican. So what if I am. I did not go and say that President Obama was not my President because he is a Democrat, because I am a Republican like many Democrats have said on Facebook and Twitter to this very day. I have seen many posts and comments on Facebook and Twitter the past four years, declaring and writing that President Trump is not my President from many Democrats. Oh my goodness gracious, I have to tell you the truth here. President Trump knows he is a hated man and has known for many years. So please do not ask me if I like him or not. He is human, just like the rest of the population of humans. He is a businessman, politician, and human. He tells it like it is even when his mouth offends women on top of it. I have heard it while he has been in office. It is Donald Trump, ladies, and gentlemen. He’s not going to change for anyone but himself. So do not get me started on politics, please. Oops, some people have gotten me started.

He Is Human Like the Rest of Us
President Trump is human like the rest of us, ladies and gentlemen. He makes mistakes as everyone else does. If God wanted President Trump to be anything but human, he would have done so. President Trump was a businessman from the start like other members of his family before he was President of the United States. Yes, many presidents before him have been in politics as governors like Bill Clinton in Arkansas. Maybe President Trump may not have been in politics before he became President of the United States. Still, as a businessman, he might have some political background and, again, maybe not. I cannot speak for him. Yes, he has a mouth that can be offensive to women. I have heard it and seen it on news clips.

Political Rivalry
The political rivalry has been going on since George Washington has been our first President of the United States.
My opinion is this. There is a lot of political competition going on right now, and it is ridiculous. The Democrats do not like the Republicans, and the Republicans do not like the Democrats. I am a Republican, and yet I am civil and kind to others who are Democrats. I will not get into a political argument with other people because I respect their reasons. I let people vote the way they want. I vote/propose the way I feel is necessary myself.

There are even some politicians who are very rough and harsh to the point I believe their hearts are not in the right place, but that is my opinion. I also think that some people need to step down from office because of age, hatred toward particular groups of people, and that power has gone to their heads.
I may not understand politics, and I am not the only one.

I May Not Understand Politics
I am not politically inclined like other people who are. I may not understand politics, and I am not the only one. When I do not know what is going on, I talk to the right people who can answer my questions and concerns. I also get going on through conversations, and that does include what I hear around me with groups of people that does not necessarily mean I am, I am an observer. I see what I see for a reason. Understanding politics is one area I am growing in.

What I Do Understand
Please be well aware that I am a Christian woman who is growing spiritually in her beliefs and understanding being one of God’s children. What I am about to share with you in this section is something I do understand. In the past few years, I have learned where I stand, what I need to do as a human being, and why I am here. Life as a Christian, I have made mistakes, learned from the mistakes I have made, and live my life the best I can. I know and understand that politics, religion, and sex/sex orientation are three subjects and topics that are the toughest to talk about. I find it easy to talk about God and what he has done for me throughout the years with others who find it easy to discuss their spiritual growth as well.

What’s happening today in the world is expected, as the Bible portrays in the pages we turn to read. The Bible tells us what happened before Jesus came, while he was here, and after. Yes, the Bible tells stories, and those stories were written by God’s chosen prophets, followers, and Jesus. Am I afraid of what is happening today? Yes, I am, but my hope and understanding is that everything is in God’s hands, and he knows what he is doing. With what health I have right now, my chances of getting an infection is possible. I have been leaving everything in God’s hands at this time after 31 years since my first kidney transplant. I am here because he wants me to be here.

As far as politics is concerned, I find that we are always going to be a divided country now. Am I sad about it? No, not sorry that I want to cry. I do have feelings about what is going on right now as there are people out there who want Trump as President. I get it. What I think, as far as how bad one group of people wish to have Trump out of office, is childish.