The Coronavirus Scare

Life has become scary for many people in the past several days. News reports on TV and social media sites have helped install fear in people all across the United States about the newest pandemic disease known as the Coronavirus. Yes, knowing the dangers of the virus among the elderly, the sick, and people like me who have kidney issues and are on dialysis, I am doing everything I can to be safe and comfortable. I have, to this day, been fortunate not to have been infected. In my case, because of my immune system being abnormal due to taking medication, the ability to fight off some infections can take time. No one I have been close to having the Coronavirus at this time.

With the Coronavirus being the latest pandemic disease at this time now in the United States, I live in Wisconsin, where there have been several reported cases. A few in Madison, Wisconsin. No one I know. Sad, because it was someone who passed it on to another. A traveler has gone to a country where the Coronavirus was prevalent and infecting many people. I do feel bad for the people who may have it and do have the Coronavirus. The only thing I do not like about the virus is how news stations and social media handled the pandemic from the start. All the states in the United States have people in a panic by going to the grocery stores and food marts buying items. It has caused me to not being able to find the things I use most often and need. Gone, out, and no longer on the shelves, and stores are out of stock. Sad, and I am worried, and yes, I am a worrier. I am leaving it up to God. He knows what he is doing.

I know and understand that the government officials are worried about the spread of the Coronavirus. They are doing everything humanly possible to keep calm, but I believe the hysteria is worse than it needs to be. With that said, I am not happy how newspeople and social media sites have handled this new situation. Yes, we are humans who make mistakes, and I believe mistakes were made. Now, because of the spread of the Coronavirus, we know what to look for to be safe. The President has ordered everyone to be careful and not be large crowds at this time. Many large groups have canceled because of the risk of the Coronavirus scare. What has been happening is an enormous epidemic. Pray is what we need to do right now.

I rarely leave my apartment these days. I stay home to watch TV, read, be online, snuggle up with my cat, play games on my phone or computer, and I do avoid watching stuff that makes my anxiety rise. In the past couple of weeks, hearing about the Coronavirus, my anxiety has reared its ugliness, and I am doing everything I can to keep calm, focusing on God. He is in control of everything.

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  1. yetzirah says:

    Being afraid isn’t good for us. I don’t like the general hysteria at all. There’s a sort of glee to the reporting of it that I don’t care for. We should stay calm and rational. We make better decisions. Hope things settle down at the stores and you can find what you need soon.

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