October 31, 2019

My Letter/Prayer to Jesus

Dear Jesus,
Good morning and thank you for another beautiful day. I see that it is already snowing outside. Please watch over my friends, family, and workers who take care of me as they travel from one place to another today and always. I have dialysis today, and my happiness of getting there safely is planned according to DKF. She is a safe driver and always plans to be.
I know and understand that I can have a very thick skull sometimes and be very stubborn in my ways. Will you please forgive me for that? Thank you. I am set in my ways. I have been up since 3 AM so far today, and I know what it means to sit quietly where I am right now and give you some time before my day begins. Yes, I am having one of those sleepless nights, or I am sleeping very little. Why not get some things done on the computer and spend some time with you before my day begins? It’s a good idea. I believe so. I can always go to bed early tonight and get some rest before traipsing out tomorrow, walking at the grocery store or mall. Whatever is decided.
Patience is something I have to master it yet daily. I wish that I would have waited until this afternoon when I get back from dialysis to have upgraded my computer so I could spend more time with you. I do not always believe that five minutes is enough. I need more time to delve into the Bible and look at my favorite verses. Now that DKF is not here until 7 AM, I find spending time with you is great because I am alone without company over. With company, it is tough to spend time quietly with you. If I were at my mom’ s/dad’s place, I would be able to find a quiet area here to spend time with you. My parents would understand fully. I think they would not be sure. Now that my computer is updated, here I am. No, not here to please you or me. I am here now. I need to be here.
I want to thank you again for another beautiful day. The weather may be different outside right now because we have snow on the ground right now from snow falling. It is going to be a good day. Please watch over the patients in the hospital and at the dialysis center who are having dialysis today and always as well as the technicians and nurses who take care of us. The hard work they do does not get past me without incident that they work very hard. What techs and nurses do is not an easy job. It is a routine for them, and it has been routine for me since April 24, 2019, to be dialyzed three days a week. I also would like to pray for the ill and sick. It is always your will that the health of patients, and what I want is different sometimes. When I do pray and talk to you, I find it easier to write than speak. I hope it is not a coward’s way out from not verbally talking to you because I do pray verbally sometimes (out loud) to teach me to speak better with others around me without getting my nerves frazzled. Once again, I pray for safe travels for everyone today and always. There have been so many accidents in Wisconsin now that I have lost count. My heart goes out to the families of loved ones and their friends as I lost friends in a car accident a few years ago now myself. I also know, as it happens every day, that I hear sirens for some reason or another wherever I am, and whatever is happening out there, I ask through prayer that you watch over the involvement the reason the sirens are going. Thank you for listening to my prayer today.
My health, you, Bing Crosby, my friends, workers, and family are critical to me. May your will be what it is for me. You know what is important to me and why. Please guide me today and every day by showing me what is important, a need for me to read, watch, and do. I am yours to mold. Jesus Christ, always, and God’s will be done today and always. Amen
Love, Kristi