October 26, 2019 – 2

Dear Jesus,

As daylight draws to a close we Wisconsin natives are being rained upon.  It is indeed wet outdoors right now.  I did not believe that it was raining out until I heard the pitter patter of rain against the living room windows.  It is amazing that it rains as much as it has this summer and fall season this year.  I do not mind the rain nor do I mind getting wet, but I do not like to be soaked to the point I have to change clothes when super wet.  I also do not like damaging rains with thunderstorms and bright lightning.  It hurts the eyes and ears, and it scares Bing Crosby the Cat.

Now with the sun fully at rest for the night, I am hoping to stay up later tonight to get some things done after I spend time with you.  I would like to thank you for a successful dialysis day.  I am glad that my blood pressure was founded not to be as high as the machine was stating at 185/100 or a little higher.  It was in the blood pressure cuff.  I was using the wrong one until the last twenty minutes or so of dialysis.  It was scary for a while, but I knew the technicians knew what they were doing.  Thank you for guiding the workers in the right direction to resolve my issue at hand.

I was not able to see KB today because he was with his Dad, but I got to see TB (KB’s Mom) for worship when I got home.  In fact, unknown to me until I walked into my apartment, TB was behind me.  That was a lovely surprise since I did not have my phone with me at dialysis today.  I accidentally left it at home all day.  That was something I wish I did not do.  Sometimes I make unwise choices or forget.  Today I set my phone down to put on my brace and shoes and never picked up my phone until I got home.  I had a wonderful time with TB here today.  Worship was awesome!

When I am dialysis on Sabbath I find it hard to sit still and concentrate.  Watching TV on Saturdays gives me a chance to relax and be comfortable while being hooked up to a machine for 3 1/2 hours.  Please believe me that I am not loving you less.  I do know that I need to find something else to do during my time on Saturdays and I was wondering if you would help me find something better to do.  I want to obey you.  I want to be obedient to you.  Thank you, Jesus.

Love, Kristi