Conversation with the Lord

Lord, it becomes old…the things I read and the things I used to do. I could not find the same enjoyment as before yet I still wonder what would happen if I tried again.

My daughter, it doesn’t matter what you do and what you believe about it. I have a purpose for you. I have created you purposefully, according to my will, according to the desires of my heart.

I’ve created you to be unique, unlike any other person on earth. Believe Me. Trust Me. Let us walk together. Let us spend time together.

Lord, you say “Come,” but it seems as though moments spent with you are rare and disconnected. Despite that, it seems as though my heart is wired to speak with a close companion. I still don’t think I found that companion. I feel lonely and disconnected. I want to talk but I don’t think anyone truly wants to talk to me.

Dear child, you know that’s not true. You know that I’ve given you companions. You are not alone.

Dear Lord, I sure feel alone.

But what you feel doesn’t say much about the truth. Feelings are not facts.

I know but it’s hard to get out of my feelings. I am in my mind so much. It’s kind of automatic.

Then allow Me to help you. To draw you to my word, to draw you to Me. Come to Me and let Me help you.

Lord, I tried coming to You before but you seem distant, unknown, as if you were trying to hide from me.

No, I’m not hiding from you. I just want you to seek Me.