Lord’s speaking

You’re analysing too much, my daughter.

You open your heart to Me and I will open up the Scripture to you.

You will find Me in your spirit, speaking to you.

(You can exercise your spirit by calling upon My name)

My daughter, I will help you.

Do not be anxious, do not worry, do not stress.

Allow Me to help you with all that you need.

Come to Me and I will supply you with all that you need.

You lack nothing in Me.

2 thoughts on “Lord’s speaking”

  1. Amen!! I did not come across this by accident by any means. Thank you for sharing this verse with me. I am a daughter/sister in Christ myself.

    1. Thank you for your response! I was actually quite discouraged recently as I didn’t believe that the Lord could use me in any way. Your comment encouraged me to continue to come to the Lord for His speaking. I’m glad that the Lord spoke to you!

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