The Water of Life

“You are with me right now, at this very moment, and together we are near waters. This water is not of sea water but of the water of life. This water of life is free for you to drink. Knee down now and take a drink.”

You obey, knee down and drink. The water is so pure and you feels as though you’re full of life. You feels so much peace and joy that you begins to smile from the innermost part of her being. You looks at the One that speaks to you and see that His face is shining and He smiles to you so genuinely that you could not resist but smile back. You feel as though He’s a very close, dear friend yet this encounter does not happen often so how could He be a friend to you? He gently touches your shoulder while looking into your eyes and says:

‘’You know, this water is always available now during this time. You are to come and drink this water every day. If you don’t, you will thirst and never be satisfied with anything else.”

You doesn’t quite understand. Why do you need to drink from this river? And what is the meaning that you will thirst again?