Conversational Piece!

A lot has happened since I’ve gotten on here so let’s start at the beginning. We went to see my fiancé’s family in mid September. Mission accomplished as I would say because the main important thing was that one my fiancé and I got to see his mom. She is pretty sick so I’m glad we got to go see her before anything happened. I know my fiancé was happy and I got to meet her as well she was pretty nice.

I also got to meet most of his family; his sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. I’m also glad that they finally love and respect my fiancée for the man/ grandson that he deserves to be. I got to see Grand Central Park, Times Square and take the Ferry. We saved money by staying at one of his friend’s house. The highlight of the moment is that I got to eat all of the yummy yummy foods. I especially loved the Japanese restaurant mmmmm. Well now that we aren’t too far away I wouldn’t mind going over there sometime lol.

We stayed roughly for about three weeks. After that I was ready to go back home to California. We reached the Indiana Toll Road and there was unexpected twist of turn. Yes we hit a Deer. All I saw was this light big brown thing slowly trying to walk away. He hit right front side of my car. I was more worried about the deer than I was my car, cause you know they are living things and they feel.

Anyways in short we ended up staying at the Hotel where I now have a job. Its funny cause when people ask me how my fiancé got to Indiana. I’ll have a story to tell of us hitting the deer. Well today was my first day of work. I was really confused and tired by the way. My sleeping schedule so definitely messed up. I’m that I can adjust lol but we’ll see where this new life and new start in Indiana takes me. A new chapter in my has begun. I’ll update you all soon.