Dream: Black Widow

Arachnophobia: Fear of Spiders.

Yes my friends are deathly afraid of spiders all of them. It actually started out when a kid very young I suppose I ended up brushing up against cobwebs and where I lived back then we had big spiders that jumped. Those things looked like the size of a saucer plate and yes from what I remember they followed you grossss!!!! I must have flipped my mind like I just died. Ever since then I have been scared of them.
I had a dream that I was using the toilet lol and when I turned there was a huge web and there was a big black widow except it didnt’ have it’s usual red coloring on it’s belly instead it had straight line stripes sorta like square like all around it’s body hard to really explain. Anyways the spider tried to get me and even in my dream I was so freaking terrified and tried to run from it.
Another part of the dream omg someone I supposedly known said oh yeah these spiders only exist in Australia and there was the same type of spider on the corner of the hallway trying to get at me thank goodness it came to side of me then I woke up.
I told my boyfriend about it even though he doesn’t like to hear about bad dreams and also told my sister in law. They both said that I think too much or since I’m scared of spiders that my self conscious mind made it into like a scenery in my dream. I think they are right cause lately I have been on spray em kill em spiders mode at home. Can’t stand spiders man ewwww. Anyway thought I’d share my terrifying dream of spiders.