My mom……is always stressing me out….

I’m not saying that my mom is a bad person or anything and yes I do lover her with all of my life. I understand the way her life was in the country she was from but my oh my she stresses me out all of the time. I wish that times weren’t so hard that my boyfriend and I didn’t have to come back and live with the family.


The first thing  I hear coming back from my doctor’s appointment is her yelling at me saying that she is tired of my hair being all over the place. Second she tells me that if I comb my hair that I need to go outside. I’m like excuse me? We pay rent. Then rants about how nobody cleans the bathroom and that she is going to throw everything away. I am controlling my self from saying something I will regret so here I am in my room while she provokes bad words. How can you just be rude like that and state if nobody helps clean the bathroom which we do every week that we need to pay her for cleaning the bathroom “insane”.


I know that I’m trying my best as her only daughter to be more close to her and everything. As of right now I don’t even want to do anything with my mom anymore. It’s like everytime I try to be close to her she gets worse. She is even yelling that if don’t want to cut and fix my hair that I need to tie it up. I am too old for this bull.


I’m so stressed with my life and situation right now. Especially with me having to ask for help with the pain in my hands. Can’t believe they are not going to do an MRI. I was hoping they would how else are my going to find out about the throbbing pain in my hands. It’ll spasm then my fingers curl up. I’ll try to pry it open but it gets stiff to where I just have to let it go until it stops with the spasms. It feels like I’ll never find out what is going on with my hands. The doctor says it’s just tendinitis.  I sometimes just want to give up hope. Life has too many surprises. One day everything is going good the next it’s another thing to ruin the moment. The story of my life….