Another person has left my life!

They say that people leave our lives for a reason and that they do so that they can make room for others to come in that better suit us. Today I am firm believer in that.

My so called sister I believe just all of a sudden stop calling. The reason well she doesn’t need me anymore to take her where she needs to be. Since this co worker of mine moved in I guess I’m that somebody they remember when they need a ride some where.

I am amazed that someone I thought was so close much like family wuld just forget about me just because they found an easy access help. My heart is broken in pieces I’m done getting angry, jealous all that I just wanna leave it alone!

Why is that I never learn my lesson with people why do I always get the shit end of the deal will I ever be happy no I won’t ever be, happiness is never meant for people like me 🙁