Not so good

This trip is starting to be not so good. Last night my friend was pissed cause she said I snore loud. I know cause I woke up to her leaving. I asked her where she was going to go get earplugs because i snored so lour. I felt really bad. I even got up to wait for her but I was too tired you know. I even ended waking up her bro like Shannon’s brother do I really snore that loud. Took him a minute to wake up. Forgot he didn’t hear anything cause he is a heavy sleeper. He said she will be fine, dont know what that means but I’m still nervous you know cause I don’t want her to be mad at me. Afterall this is supposed to be our spontaneous mini vacation. It is supposed to be fun not a disaster. Her brother is so cute. Too bad I’m not his type. Oh well guess he’s not the one for me. Anyways I’m just gOnna make the best out of what I can get out of this trip.


  1. Well Dear it is not like you are snoring on purpose just to irritate her let her get ear plugs and enjoy your mini vacation lord knows you deserve it