I Belong

I belong in my grandmother’s garden playing in her birdbath, flower petals in the water which I stir with a stick, as if I am cooking. I belong on top of her stepladder, sitting as if I were a king on a throne, the big yard is my realm. I belong in time and space, …

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I am Love. I am Life.I am a reader. I am a writer. I am musical.I am gifted. I am intelligent.I am inadequate. I am incomplete.I am independent. I am victorious. I am a divine child of God. I am joyful. I am sad. I am angry.I am frightened. I am insecure.I am troubled. I …

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Put Down The Sausage!

Last Friday afternoon, James was particularly loud and carrying on much more than usual. I found myself wondering if he was high or perhaps experiencing a manic episode. In fast-food parlance, apparently, to “put down” or “drop” an item means to prepare a new batch of it. James announced to his coworkers that he “put …

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Tense moment

James at front counter; I ordered two pies. Minimal verbal interaction between us; I could tell he was as uncomfortable as I was. Got through it. At least he didn’t refuse to wait on me like Matthew did three years ago.

I think I found her.

I had misspelled her name. It’s “Tera”, apparently. The one I found on Facebook must be her. James’ friends list is closed to public viewing, but I found her in the friends lists of several other employees of that McDonald’s, and those are pretty good odds. Also, she kind of looks the way I remember …

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