Feeling blessed.

Had a nice Christmas Day at home with Jim, Joe, and Phillip, plus Jim’s brother Alan who joined us for dinner (we all had gone to Alan’s for Thanksgiving last month). Alan’s wife Sheila and her cousin Jeremy were also supposed to join us, but they backed out for reasons which are not clear to me. So it was just the five of us. We had a ham dinner, which also featured scalloped potatoes, green beans, caramelized sweet potatoes, cornbread, and strawberry cheesecake and pumpkin pie for dessert.

Immediately before and after dinner, we watched a couple Christmas movies on TV — “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “A Christmas Story”.

Earlier that morning, long before Alan arrived, we opened presents. My roomies really came through for me — they all chipped in and got me a new laptop computer, which I badly needed after losing the one I had in the Clifton House eviction last year.

“Oh, this is wonderful, but I can’t accept it — it’s too expensive!” I exclaimed. I felt bad because they spent so much money on me and I hadn’t even gotten any of them anything! But Jim said it had only cost a hundred dollars — apparently it’s “reconditioned” instead of new, or else a closeout or something. I felt so touched that they would do this for me. For awhile back in the fall, it seemed all of them were mad at me for everything, and I’d been contemplating whether I should move out. But now all is good, it seems.

And the weather was unseasonably mild — sunny and high 50s. In between the presents and dinner, I had plenty of time to get in a nice long walk, by myself.

I’m feeling blessed.