But Nathan O. remembers me…

And that truly surprises me. Last time I saw him, he was just a 12-year-old kid with curly blond hair and glasses.

He just married his boyfriend last week. My roomies Jim and Joe, who are friends of Nathan’s, attended the reception. At some point in a conversation with Nathan, Jim brought up my name and asked Nathan if he remembered me. His response went something like this: “Oh, yeah, I remember him! He went to my church when I was a kid. He played piano for church services, and he could play by ear! I remember that some people in the church were mean to him, they said he was gay. So what about him? Is he gay?”

“Um — yeah,” Jim replied.

I’m just so thrilled that Nathan remembers me! I’ve known about him being gay for twelve years now, ever since I found out he was in a gay euchre club with my friend Bob.


I had a really breathtaking Law of Attraction event last week.

I saw 17.7-ounce bags of Russell Stover sugar-free chocolates at the Discount Drug Mart one day, for the unbelievably reasonable price of $9.99. (Sugar-free candy is usually pretty expensive for what you get.) I had an urge to purchase one, but there was this misgiving that I just couldn’t fit it into my meager food budget. I could, of course, put it on a credit card, but felt that would be really imprudent given my current financial situation.

So I declared an intention. An extra ten dollars was going to come to me, within twenty-four hours, from an unexpected source. Then I let it go, and forgot about it.

The following afternoon, I received an email from Publishers Clearing House stating I had won a cash prize. The amount of the prize was ten dollars! I gasped.

Sure enough, the check was waiting for me in that day’s mail when I arrived home in the evening.

The next day I went out and bought my candy, which now had been reduced in price to $7.99. An extra bonus from the Universe!


I had wanted to find out whether James still worked at McDonald’s, or whether he had found another job somewhere else. I got my answer last week also.

A little voice inside told me to look him up on LinkedIn. I found him. Apparently he’s been working for a local pet care company since June. They provide dog-walking services as well as in-home care and feeding for pets when their owners can’t be home.

Perhaps that’s a better fit for James. I can tell by the photos on his Facebook page that he loves animals. He gets it from his mom, apparently.

I have not seen him in more than five weeks now.