All moved in.

The move went well last Friday. Jim’s friend Steve from Columbus was in town, and he helped us move, so there were four of us. We started in the morning, and were done by 4:00 in the afternoon, although some odds and ends were left behind at the old house, which Joe has been steadily collecting through the weekend. The four of us went to Red Robin for an early dinner when we were finished.

I had never seen the interior of the house before. The front porch is completely enclosed — all indoors, with windows on three sides, like a sunroom with a door to the outside. Living room and dining room are small. Kitchen is huge, though, and remodeled, newest addition being stainless steel appliances. It would look really sharp with an island in the middle of the room, in my opinion.

There is a large-ish room back of the dining room which I supposed had been used as a sort of family room, but Jim and Joe have decided to claim it for their bedroom.

Upstairs there are three bedrooms — one larger master bedroom plus two smaller rooms. My bedroom is the tiniest one — really, really small — but it’s all I need and was painted a bright yellow, which is what I asked for. I always wanted a yellow room, and now I have one! I shall hereby refer to it as the Yellow Room.

Bathroom has been nicely updated, with grey tile and a grey-patterned wallpaper. There is a shower stall but no tub. There’s a second bathroom in the basement which Jim and his brother recently installed. Again, no tub, only a shower stall. I’m sure Joe is somewhat disappointed — he likes to soak in a good hot bath when his back aches.

My one misgiving about the common areas downstairs is that, in addition to smallish rooms, they’re rather dark. I like lots of light, besides which, my eyesight is much better in brightly-lit rooms.

The house is very old — built in 1906, I’m told. Jim has been making steady improvements, although the house is still a work in progress. It needs a new roof, for one thing, which Jim is planning on tackling later this year. I’m lucky to have a roomie/landlord who is so handy. He’s very do-it-yourself with regards to home improvements.

The house is still in considerable disarray — not everything is in its place yet. But that will come with time, I’m sure.

They were able to get my mattress upstairs to the second floor, but not my boxspring, which will not bend. They couldn’t navigate it up the narrow stairway. So it’s being stored on the front porch for now, my bedframe is perched against my bedroom wall, and I’m sleeping on a mattress on the floor. At least it isn’t a leaky air mattress! (Memories of The Clifton House.)

We’ve been calling this house by the name of the street it’s on. I’m thinking we should christen it The Golden Girls House. We’re three gay guys, ages 58 to 60 — although when Philip, who’s only in his 30s, moves in come August, that’ll change things. Maybe he could be the anti-Sophia? Heh.

The neighborhood is mostly working-class and a bit rough around the edges. I had some misgivings about the area, but walking around and checking it out, I don’t think it’ll be too bad. It is rather far from grocery shopping — nearest supermarket is an 18-minute walk. I got spoiled at the other house having a supermarket right across the street from me.

Other retail in the area isn’t much, but there are a few interesting shops and restaurants on the main commercial street that might be worth checking out.

In addition to moving, Jim’s had a lot to deal with over the past couple weeks. One of his dogs, Bo, had advanced glaucoma which left him pretty much blind. His eyes were in pain, drops did not help, prognosis for improvement was not good, so Jim let the vet surgically remove Bo’s eyes and sew his eyelids shut. I’m going to be living with two dogs, one of whom is blind and bumping into things, and who will be making his way around a house he’s unfamiliar with. Wow.


It appears that The Artful Dodger (James) has figured out how to dodge and avoid me on a subconscious level. On autopilot, it seems. I hung out at McDonald’s for three hours yesterday, just so I could give him a big Hello when he arrived to begin his shift… and what does he do? He sneaks past me during a moment when I’m looking at my phone. Grrr…