Brief Update

I read my poem “I Belong” at tonight’s poetry reading at the library. I had submitted it to this month’s poetry contest, and all submissions were read tonight. I didn’t win, but one of the other participants told me afterward how much he liked my poem.

I enjoyed the other poems I heard tonight, but was disappointed in the event overall. I’d anticipated a large crowd and lots of readings, but it turned out to be rather dead and there were only six submissions, even though people had a month to submit an entry, and the contest itself was hyped a lot. I guess I expected lots more participation.


I’ll finally be moving back to the West Side at the end of this week. Joe and Jim have been busy fixing the house up, painting, installing new carpet and new appliances, sanding and varnishing floors… and now the time has come. Jim is renting a U-Haul this Friday and the furniture moving will take place on that day. I’m filled with both excitement and trepidation. Change never comes easy to me.

It’ll be the three of us for now. Philip will be moving in too, but probably not until August.