Month: December 2018

Tense moment

James at front counter; I ordered two pies. Minimal verbal interaction between us; I could tell he was as uncomfortable as I was. Got through it. At least he didn’t refuse to wait on me like Matthew did three years ago.

I think I found her.

I had misspelled her name. It’s “Tera”, apparently. The one I found on Facebook must be her. James’ friends list is closed to public viewing, but I found her in the friends lists of several other employees of that McDonald’s, and those are pretty good odds. Also, she kind of looks the way I remember …

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James in a Santa hat at work. Last couple days or so. Today there was a rather heavyset middle-aged man ordering at the counter, and he called out “Hey, Santa!” At first I thought it was just some customer, but a bit later James came out and sat with him and the woman he was …

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