I could not walk James home from the bus stop yesterday as planned, because… well, he wasn’t on the bus. There weren’t any other students on the bus either, which usually has plenty of students that time of day.

Turns out, it completely went over my head that Veterans Day closings would occur on Monday. Apparently both the public colleges downtown were closed for the day.

I also could not get into the Post Office, nor the main library in downtown Cleveland… although the library in Lakewood was open. I had promised Joe I’d mail a couple letters for him, which I ended up dropping into a curbside mailbox in front of the Lakewood Post Office.

So I had tons of time to kill before the 12:30 bus, having arrived downtown at 10:30. I did have lunch downtown — Indian food at a food court — but that took nowhere near two hours. I was so out of sorts… and then James wasn’t on the bus anyway.

So many things I would’ve done, but Veterans Day got in my way. Heh.

I’m still aiming for seeing James and walking him home from the bus stop this coming Thursday. Asking him to lunch is out for the time being as I don’t want to rush anything until we’ve had another encounter or two.


Sunday evening, when I arrived home at about 8 pm, I was unable to unlock the side door to the house. (I didn’t try the front door as I knew the screen door would be locked from inside… Joe never uses the front door except to check the mailbox.) The key turned, but the door appeared “stuck” and just wouldn’t open.

Joe’s car was in the driveway, so I assumed he was inside the house, probably in the bedroom watching TV or sleeping.

I tried phoning him. No answer. I left a really frantic message.

Tried phoning again… one, two, three, four times. Still no answer. On one of the attempts, I left an even more frantic message.

By now I was in full panic mode. I tried pounding on the door, hoping he could hear me from his bedroom. No luck. I walked to the back of his house, tried pounding on his window and yelling loudly. No luck. Not a stir. I noticed there was no light on in his bedroom.

This went on for more than half an hour. It was cold out (upper 30s) and I needed to pee. I was making so much racket it’s a wonder the neighbors didn’t call the police on me.

Finally I tried phoning one more time, and this time Joe picked up. Turned out, he wasn’t home at all. He was somewhere on the West Side with Jim — they’d taken Jim’s vehicle — and they were now headed home. Joe told me I had to turn the key to the left, jiggle the doorknob a little upward, all of which I had done. Didn’t he realize I’d entered the house successfully every night for the last five months?

The reason I’d thought Joe was home — besides his car being in the driveway — was that I’d thought he had absentmindedly locked the deadbolt in the upper part of the door, and that it was the reason I couldn’t get in. Not the case, however.

Joe suggested I go to the supermarket across the street and wait for them there. But on one final try, I managed to open the door and enter the house.

Sheesh. Sometimes I’m convinced the Universe is playing evil games with me, just because.

Joe used some WD-40 on the lock, and now it opens very easily. But I felt kind of pissed all night, and even into the next morning.