No James today…

…I don’t know where he is, he usually works Saturdays late afternoons until closing… but other young guys were falling all over themselves to chat me up, apparently.

First, when I walked in, Austin was wearing these weird glasses… and he knew my iced tea order from memory… I asked him about the glasses and he told me he was “just spicing things up a bit”… and later on, when he was cleaning the dining room in my vicinity, he stopped to ask me “Anything interesting going on?”

That boy has never made conversation with me before!

Not that I’m at all interested in him… besides which, he’s way too young, only about 15 or 16, I’d guess. He’s tall but has a young boy face.

Then, sometime later, Banana Ketchup Guy stopped and chatted with me a bit. I call him that because I don’t know his name. On a previous McDonald’s visit, not very long ago, he had stopped at my table to chat with me — totally out of the blue — and showed me a bottle of banana ketchup he had bought at some specialty grocery store in Lorain, made in the Phillippines. Today he stopped to ask me if I’d bought a bottle after our previous conversation. (I had not.) I didn’t even realize he was the same guy at first… and a bit later I saw him go behind the counter, so apparently he works there, which I didn’t know before — the first time we chatted, he was wearing street clothes and I figured him for just another customer. He’s in his twenties, I’d guess.

So I guess my point to all this is: these young guys are friendly to me, while James — who used to be friendly — just ignores me most of the time, unless I speak first…

Where was he today, anyway?