I now have a bedside lamp in my bedroom, as well as a fairly large-screen TV. Two items I didn’t have in there before. Courtesy of Joe and Jim. They set me up with Roku so I could watch cable and Netflix.

Before long — within the next week or two — they’re going to start sanding in the basement, and there will be too much dust to use the rec room and the TV down there.

Also, they’ve given notice at Jim’s rental house for the tenants to vacate, as they’re now a full two months behind on rent and utilities. If they can cough up the money by December 1, they can stay in the house until April; otherwise they’ll have to be out.

If they get evicted, Joe and I will be moving into the house, and later Jim and possibly another guy named Philip whom I’ve never met. So I’ll be back on the west side again, which will be nice for me as that’s where I hang out. But although it’s not terribly far from Lakewood as well as Cleveland’s “gayborhood”, it’s still rather far to walk, especially in the wintertime. And the house is in a working-class neighborhood, a rougher area than I’m used to. I hope the area is not too rough; but Jim and Joe say it’s not that bad. And another concern: Jim had told me not to worry, I’ll never be homeless… but I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford what Jim will have to charge for rent. If I recall correctly, his tenant is paying $800 plus utilities… and I can’t really afford $400 (half rent after splitting with Joe) plus half the utilities. But maybe Jim will be willing to make other arrangements… and once I’m back on the West Side, I can start looking for a part-time job in earnest, which would certainly help. I have an obscene amount of debt I need to pay down, and so far, even with my pension raise, I’m still falling a little further into the hole each month.


I took the 12:30 bus today, but James was not on it. So far I only know for sure he rides that bus on Mondays; it’s possible that his schedule is different the rest of the week. Different days, different classes, apparently. As far as bumping into him, I’m just going to leave that part up to the Universe the way I did before, and not try to make things happen.