A walk with James. Pleasant conversation.

I saw him sitting on the bus after I boarded and headed for the back. I was hoping to get to sit next to him and strike up a conversation, but alas, he was sprawled over the double seat with his backpack, eyes glued to his phone. It was like he was wearing a big “Do Not Disturb” sign.

So I just went ahead and took a seat near the rear of the bus. He was sitting in a seat facing backwards and so I could see his face from where I was sitting, but I made an effort not to stare too much.

I quickly decided I was going to go to the McDonald’s where he works weekends, instead of another one further out just past the end of the line where I’ve normally been going on weekdays lately. This meant that we would exit at the same stop. Which we did.

I called out to him by name. He turned, said hello, and we walked together and talked a bit. In fact, I walked him to his house before we parted.

It was a pleasant time and I enjoyed his company, even if I did have a brief moment of being tongue-tied, my mind drawing a blank and not knowing what to say. I’m glad I was able to make it look like an accidental bump-into. I’m getting crafty in my old age. He had no idea that the entire encounter was planned and staged.


It’s amazing how well the Law of Attraction works if you just get out of the way and let it do its thing. Once I decided to stop stalking James and let the Universe take care of the details, the wheels were set in motion. I affirmed (using one of Rhonda Byrne’s exercises in The Magic), “Everything needed to bring James and me together as good friends is being done for me.”

And it was. One day I find myself catching a later bus downtown than I normally do, and voilà! James is on my bus, as if by happy accident. But, of course, it was really the Universe’s doing.