James (naturally)

He was on my bus early this afternoon. I didn’t realize it until he got off the bus, however. I was sitting directly across from the first back door (which actually is pretty close to the front) and saw him exit at the stop near the sidestreet where he lives.

I didn’t try to say hello as it would’ve been logistically awkward.

Although up to that point I didn’t know he was on the bus further back, I did kind of have a strong premonition about it, something to the effect of, “What if James is riding this bus?” It was as if I could feel his presence.

Of course, my heart was beating faster after that, and I could barely concentrate on the afternoon’s activities afterward.

Today my horoscope said that my desire will manifest. That’s a good omen.


Yesterday I had only a very brief exchange with James at the front counter at McDonald’s. He was the one who brought me my cup with two lemon wedges for my unsweet iced tea, even though he was on drive-thru duty at the time, and not front counter duty. He told his front counter crewmate that he would take care of it.

My exchange with him lasted all of two seconds, and was totally professional, but I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to interpret what had transpired. Did he deliberately take over in getting my order because he knew it was me? Shades of Matthew here.

Hmmm. It was probably just a coincidence.

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