Yesterday, while I was waiting for the bus on Detroit Avenue, a group of people walked by, apparently on some pub crawl or other. One young guy in particular caught my eye… dark hair, beard, goodlooking in a rugged sort of way… and I found myself thinking that he looked familiar… but I couldn’t quite place him. Have I interacted with this guy before? Did he work at some retail establishment in the area, I wondered?

He shot me a look, too. Neither of us spoke to the other, however.

Afterward, it dawned on me who he was. It was Taylor, the rock musician dude – the last person to move into The Clifton House, just a month or so before we were all evicted. As I always made a beeline for my bedroom whenever I came home in the evenings, and didn’t socialize much with the other tenants, he and I had only briefly interacted maybe two or three times. That’s why I didn’t realize who he was right off the bat.

Now it feels like I’ve seen a ghost.


After four months, I noticed while riding by on the bus that the landlord has the place up for rent. And I found the rental ad on craigslist as well, complete with photos. It doesn’t look like he did anything to the house except lay down some new carpeting. Oh, and apparently he fixed the messed-up ceiling in the dining room and installed a ceiling fan (the light fixture was missing during the nearly year-and-a-half that I was living there).

I saw a photo of my old bedroom, closet door open, completely cleaned out. I wonder where my belongings ended up. It still makes me wince when I think about it.


On a positive note, my pension raise finally took effect as of today… and last week an additional $600 was deposited into my account, back pay, obviously. My financial situation is still dire, but now just slightly less so.

And I have lots of clothes I didn’t have before. Joe is going through old clothes of his that he can no longer fit into, preparing to give them to charity, and he told me I could pick out what I wanted first. Lots of stuff, shirts and jeans, that fit me amazingly. I now have seven pairs of jeans I can wear that are still in very good condition. I’ve never in my life before owned seven wearable pairs of jeans at the same time… usually only three or fewer.

I’m grateful for the abundance.