New home.

Moved in with Joe Sunday evening as planned. Jim drove me over there and Joe made dinner for the three of us.

I like it here so far. The house is rather small — a 1950s Cape Cod-style bungalow — and the living room is currently somewhat cluttered and a bit cramped. The bathroom is cute but small and very narrow. There is no formal dining room but there is an eating area at one end of the kitchen. But my bedroom is spacious enough, my bed is large and the mattress is firm, and there is a nice wood-paneled rec room in the basement with a comfortable seating/lounging area and big-screen TV with lots of cable channels. The rec room even has a working fireplace! Joe told me I can have the run of the house. The place needs some work but Joe is working on it for the owners, bit by bit.

There is central AC, and Joe likes to keep the house very cool. A good thing, as we had a record heat wave for a couple days, although now the weather has significantly cooled off.

I’ll be able to stay there at least until fall, and possibly until next Spring if I want to. In the fall Joe is tentatively planning to move in with Jim at his and Larry’s house, but that might or might not go as planned. Larry has a lot of work to do on the house’s foundation first, which might or might not be done in time. Next Spring is when the owners are finally supposed to put Joe’s house up for sale, but that assumes that it’s in good condition in time.

The house is on a main street and right across the street from a major shopping center, which includes a supermarket and a bus terminus, among other useful things. I’ve spent the last couple days figuring out the buses, but I’m finally getting the hang of it.

Again, I’ll play it by ear and see how it works out for me living here. But all indications are that the location is not going to be as bad as I thought.