Jim’s boyfriend. I met him this evening when the three of us met up for dinner at Aladdin’s Eatery.

Very easygoing guy. I was experiencing some trepidation over meeting him tonight, but now I feel relieved.

I’m going to be moving in with him this coming Sunday evening, and will be living there for an indefinite period. The big sticking point is that he lives in a suburb all the way across town, on the east side, rather far from where I’ve been living these past few years. But I’m told there is good bus service to connect me to the rest of the city, there’s a supermarket right across the street, and a pharmacy and some other stores, and a few restaurants, all within easy walking distance.

So maybe it won’t be so bad.

I told him I won’t be able to pay any rent until next month, and he’s OK with that. Besides which, he just wants me to contribute some money toward part of the utilities. I’m hoping it’ll come out considerably less than the monthly rent I’ve been paying, especially since now I’ll have to spend about $100 a month on public transportation, which I didn’t before as I mostly stayed close to home and walked everywhere.

He’s sort of in my situation as well… not much income. He was a cop on the Cleveland police force for eighteen years, but had to quit due to some disability or other. So that’s the only income he gets right now. My being there and contributing a little money will actually be helping him.

He’s housesitting long term for an elderly couple he knows. They’ll eventually return and put the house up for sale, but Joe said I’m welcome to stay until that happens.

So I’ll be playing it by ear and see how it goes. I might stay there for several months, but eventually I want to move back to my familiar west side stomping grounds… as soon as I can find a suitable situation I can afford.

It’ll be nice to return to a little stability in my housing situation.