Still raining and pouring.

Yesterday, in a hurry, we had to vacate the motel where we’d stayed for two weeks (and which I loved). Keinya had been reserving our rooms one week at a time, but now place is completely booked due to the Cavs finals.

So now I’m in a different motel, way out in deep suburbia, where there’s nothing to walk to and bus service is poor.

I was not at the motel when I got the news. Keinya had them let her enter my room, and she packed everything of mine in a hurry. But she forgot to check the bathroom, so I lost all my toiletries — deodorant, razor, shaving cream, toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouthwash. Realizing she had screwed up, Keinya paid for me to replace them. But I nearly had a meltdown at the store as I was clueless about which shaving razor and toothbrush to buy. I haven’t purchased those things in a very long time, and they looked completely different to me now. It was like I had fallen asleep for two decades, and woke up and found everything was unrecognizable. Fortunately, a young male employee went above and beyond his call of duty and helped me pick out a few things.

Everything else was packed successfully — except for an orange Fila T-shirt I bought at a thrift store last week. It was still in the plastic bag and I had not worn it yet. I even went back to that motel this afternoon to check and see if they still had it, but no luck. No big loss financially — the shirt only cost me a dollar and change — but I was pretty upset and still am. I really liked that shirt!

At least all my bottles of medications made it into the new motel room. It would’ve been a disaster had I lost those. My library book and phone charger made it, too, as well as all my other clothes.

I’m not doing very well lately. I’m anxiety ridden from being jerked around, and I’m having recurring bowel problems which I believe are related.

I’m just going to have to learn to trust that things will get better.